Empower your teaching with MuseFlow.

Tired of students falling behind in their reading ability?
‍MuseFlow helps students hone their chops with a seamless sight reading experience, letting you focus on what you do best.

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How MuseFlow Enhances Your Teaching


Empower Your Students' Solo Practice

No more worries about students neglecting their practice – MuseFlow keeps them on track with gamified levels that increase in difficulty.


Accountability In Between Lessons

Receive weekly progress reports on their practice sessions to stay informed about their musical journey. Plus, educators get a unique discount code to share with their students for special savings.


Unlock More Teaching Time

Use MuseFlow's sight reading tool to build your students' foundation. This opens up more lesson time for refining musicality, perfecting technique, exploring repertoire, and addressing nuanced details.

Unique Teacher Features

Personalized Progress Reports for Comprehensive Tracking

Stay effortlessly informed with MuseFlow's weekly progress email. Customize the data you want to see for your students' latest practice sessions, delivered directly to your inbox.

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Exclusive Discounts
for Your Students

As a MuseFlow educator, you'll receive a unique discount code. Share it with your students, and they'll enjoy a special discount on their MuseFlow subscription.

"As a veteran university instructor of 27 years, MuseFlow opens up a whole new realm of ideas and experiences during the music-learning process. Flow state is what many musicians don't achieve; if they do, it's often short-lived. I look forward to using MuseFlow everyday with my students. Living in the "groove" is where we want to be!"

- John Koch, music professor at Illinois State University


The Future of MuseFlow

We're working tirelessly to introduce new features that teachers are already asking for! Stay tuned for updates as we evolve together. We have exciting plans for the future:

AI Personalized Lessons

Musical complexity in each lesson will adjust to perfectly match your students’ skill level, gradually progressing in difficulty as they improve.

Repertoire Library

MuseFlow’s repertoire practice tool will keep students on track with learning their favorite songs, so they can show up to their next lesson more prepared than ever!

Exercise Section

New, adaptive exercises designed for practicing piano technique, music theory, chords, scales, and more. Personalized just for your students.

Join us in reinventing music education!