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We are a piano education web app that uses AI-driven personalization to teach you how to play piano through sight reading.

AI-Driven Piano Learning: MuseFlowGroup

How MuseFlow Works

Choose Your Own Adventure

Select from a variety of levels to curate your own musical journey, or follow the guided curriculum from the beginning for the full experience.

Start With A Tutorial

Before you begin each level, you’ll learn everything you need to know with a quick, engaging tutorial.

Supercharge Your Practice Sessions

No generic exercises or mindless repetition here. As you play, new music you’ve never seen before will continuously generate to adapt to your skill level.

Get Real-Time Feedback

Pattern recognition algorithms keep track of your performance  to give you real-time feedback on your technique and progress.

Stay In Flow State

You stay in flow every step of the way, learning and growing at your own pace until you achieve true musical mastery. Once this is accomplished, you advance to the next level!

Stay tuned

We’re just getting started! We have so many features we’re excited to share with you. More advanced curriculum, AI pattern recognition, and even deeper insight into your playing - as well as new practice modes for ear training, chord and scale exercises, and rhythm drills to help you achieve true musical fluency.

We’ll also be adding a repertoire library for you to put your reading skills to the test with your favorite songs, and a music theory section with personalized exercises and educational content to expand your knowledge.

Although we’re starting with piano, our long-term goal is to create the full MuseFlow experience for all commonly played instruments.

The minimum system requirements for the Beta version of MuseFlow are 1) a computer, 2) Chrome or Edge browser, 3) a MIDI compatible keyboard.

Meet the Founding Team

Steven Gizzi, Chief Executive Officer

Composer & Music Educator with composing credits for clients such as LEGO, Cartoon Network, DreamWorks, and Facebook Watch.

Patrick Boylan, Chief Operating Officer

Multi-Instrumentalist & Producer with an artistic residency in Los Angeles, specializing in musical theater and jazz piano.

Tucker Dean, Chief Data Scientist

Data Scientist & Consultant with proven experience in helping companies bridge the gap between machine learning & operations.

Steven Staley, Chief Technology Officer

Infrastructure Engineer & Software Architect with AWS Solutions Architect and Security Specialist certifications, and six years experience building full stack applications on AWS.

Andrew Urbanowicz, Chief Information Officer

Full Stack Developer with a background in mathematics, computational physics, and accelerator modeling; currently specializing in frontend and backend development for iOS and Android apps.

our core values
Truth & Integrity

To communicate reasoning with kindness and clarity

Collaboration & Autonomy

To share skills openly and create an environment of ownership

Humility & Empathy

To practice egoless decisionmaking with respect

Systems Thinking & Ingenuity

To adapt and scale as new information is discovered

Diversity & Democracy

To include & cherish differing opinions and diverse voices


MuseFlow In The News

Patrick Boylan on Mystery Team Inc.

Published 12/15/23

This week we welcome Patrick Boylan to learn about the Biggest Thing in the Universe! We also learned about MuseFlow, Patrick's app that teaches Piano, but they've completely gamified the process and I absolutely genuinely love it.

Meet Steven Gizzi | CEO of MuseFlow, Composer, & Music Educator


Over the past eight years, I’ve composed music for clients such as Netflix, DreamWorks Animation, and Cartoon Network, and have taught thousands of music lessons to students of all ages and backgrounds.

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